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Thinking of rowing across the English Channel?

Want to race London2Paris in Cornish pilot rowing gigs?

Interested in long distance open water rowing?

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   Gallivant on escort duties    

Start London - row 420 nautical miles/780 Kilometres - Finish Eiffel Tower

Interested in Rowing from London to Paris or a L2Prowing race. Want to race against other teams rowing our specially prepared Cornish pilot gigs from Big Ben in London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris?? - Do you want to know more about training and adventure rowing??

e-mail michael.oram@btinternet.com

or phone Mike: +44 (0)1843852858

(We will talk you through how it works, what is involved, what it costs, getting sponsorship etc)

Is your team up to it? - Are you up for it? - Are you looking to join a team?

It's rowing at it's hardest in extreme conditions, but what a challenge!

------- Welcome to our London to Paris & English Channel Rowing site ------

We have our own Cornish pilot gigs available which are specially prepared for open water rowing, racing and English Channel rowing events.

Single boat events or races can be organised. Training sessions on the sea included, arranged to suit your needs. All our registered escort craft are MCA Certificated. Our escort pilots hold commercial certification. Our vessels and our pilots are all registered with both the British & French Authoirities. Our crew are all trained and experienced in safety cover, navigation and catering for your needs.


Want to row or race from London 2 Paris or Ramsgate or even Amsterdam?

We have been organising and escorting London to Paris rows for the past 20+ years. Our team have been the suppliers of the safety vessels, the navigation and the planning behind 90% of the L2P attempts and the all the L2P races to date.

My team and I have also been intensively involved in the administration, organizing, planning and piloting/escorting of English Channel swims, crossings and rows, including the London to Paris rows, since 1982. I have personally piloted over 500+ Channel crossings in that time, Lance has piloted over 300+ Channel crossings

Our e-mail address ismichael.oram@btinternet.com We will do our best to help.
Below are picture of just some of the Channel rows and unorthodox crossings we have escorted

Pictures of some of our escort vessels are below

Gallivant --------- Bayblast ---------- Sea Satin --- Deep Six Two ---Aegean Blue
Want to know more about getting permission and setting up a crossing attempt? Let us organise it for you.

I am the Principal of Dover Sea School - and a RYA Yachtmaster instructor for motor cruiser and advanced powerboat
Lance is a RYA Yachtmaster instructor for motor cruiser, jet ski and advanced powerboat & an instructor trainer
We are both RYA/MCA examiners - for more information reference the RYA Sea School see -- http://www.doverseaschool.co.uk

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"Follow us over via Dover"

Do you need help to organise a English Channel row,

Are you in need of registered, commercially certificated escort boats with professionally qualified pilot & crews? Our escort vessels are MCA certificated and registered with both the British and French Coastguard's and the CS&PF.

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